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Product Code: LD8868 Brand: FaithSail
Premium LEDs use at lease 80% energy than traditional incandescent bulb. Super bright!5500 lumens output at 50W equivalent to 460W incandescent light, saving the monthly electri bill.The milky cover provide a comfortable lighting, protects your eyes from harsh and glaring lights.Dimmable 25%, 50%, 1..
Product Code: LD13540 Brand: FaithSail
The LED parking lot flood light is best ideal for parking lot, driveway, arena, farm, playground, tennis court, basketball court, backyard, street, square, bridge, petrol station, side road, walkway and any other industrial or commercial application...
Product Code: LD446 Brand: FaithSail
The 4 foot led light fixture is best suit for kitchen, office, laundry, closet, hallway, garage basements, workshops, craft room, entertainment rooms, storage rooms, school, meeting room, stairwells, equipment rooms, industrial workstations, workplaces, showrooms and any other residential or commerc..
Product Code: LD22013 Brand: FaithSail
The led wrap light is best suit for garages, office, kitchen, laundry,closet, basements, workshops, showrooms, entertainment rooms, storage rooms, school, meeting room, hallways, stairwells, warehouses, equipment rooms, industrial workstations, workspaces, and any other industrial or commercial area..
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