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Product Code: LD17852 Brand: PAIEN
Name: Chick LED Night Light * This cute Chick night light is made of 100% safe soft silicone material and does not contain BPA * Super cute chick shape and tumbler design, bring more fun * Non-flickering 3000K calm LED light that doesn’t hurt eyes How to Use: 1: Click on the head of the chicken to t..
Product Code: LD17853 Brand: PAIEN
6 ROTATABLE OPTIONAL FILMS - The star night light for kids comes with six optional films:Starry Universe/Guardian Angel/Birthday Wish/Ocean Paradise/Animal World/Carousel. It casts the light of the transparencies onto the wall or ceiling. Stimulate the imagination of children and relax them. The Nig..
Product Code: LD17850 Brand: PAIEN
Multi-function display: it can display the actual bedroom temperature, calendar and time. At the same time, you can set 2 alarm clocks, weekday mode and vacation mode, and activate the time display by sound, which is very convenient and practical...
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