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Product Code: LD1073 Brand: DINGLILIGHTING
This floor lamp is not waterproof and should not be used around water, moisture, or any damp setting.Bulb will remain hot for several minutes after lamp has been turned off. Use caution when attempting to change the bulb.This is not a toy and children should not be allowed to play with the lamp.If y..
Product Code: LD2268 Brand: DINGLILIGHTING
DLLT is a company which is focusing on best lighting products with the best value to our customers. Listen to customers' feedback and continuously improve our products. Sound experience via constantly pursuing high quality and endless innovation. Our mission is brighten your lif..
Product Code: LD18955 Brand: DINGLILIGHTING
Awesome, 5 of my grand kids want one, great Christmas or birthday gift!The product came well packed. It is easy to use, and the brightness is as advertised, multiple levels and three colors; cool, warm, and mixed. The neck is very sturdy and flexible, and the clamp is very strong.LOVE THIS. It is su..
Product Code: LD16508 Brand: DINGLILIGHTING
With supplied wall mounted brackets, easy and convenient to install the mirror horizontally or vertically according to your needs.Support hardwired and plug in.( Plug included)Support wall switch.( Note: You can only turn on/off the light through wall switch, not dimming)Product Dimensions: 32 x 24 ..
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